Can I use your control in a commercial project

May 20, 2010 at 10:16 AM


Thanks for sharing your control.

Could I use this on a commercial project like the ones on RentACoder?

I am asking because I don't understand the license terms well.

I will difinitly not claim your work as mine.

Thanks again.



Jun 21, 2010 at 4:45 PM

LGPL projects can be used in commercial projects; but GPL cannot.

Some notes about use:

  • The Code from this project must be in its own DLL that is referenced in your project.
  • None of the code from this LGPL project can appear in your source code of your own project (hence being its own DLL)
  • Your code is not a derivative work of this project.
  • You must provide "prominent notice" that your software is using the this LGPL project. (include a link to this project as well)

for more info, see


Jun 21, 2010 at 7:08 PM
Thanks for the information.

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